About us

Nepalese Migrant Network on HIV/AIDS & Sexual Reproductive Health/ Rights is the only migrant network of India Going Nepali migrants recognized by NCASC (National Centre for AIDS & STI’s Control), Country Coordination Mechanism CCM & adjacent government and non-government external development stakeholders.

This network was started as a loose forum and a participatory campaign of migrants for migrants. It has represented its first national migration day rally back in 2010 and gradually the movement started to foster. Migration is a default phenomenon for economically marginalized Nepali family yet the India going migrants have always been in the dark side of mainstream interventions and advocacies. The volunteer movement gradually became integrated in several media components, adjacent workshops and seminars organized by likeminded organizations and networks. Registered in the year of 2070 BS, Nepal Migrant Network beholds the 43 districts from all 7 provinces.

The relay race of HIV infection from a migrant worker into their spouses still holds a real phenomenon, the multidimensional impact of India going migrants starts from the lack of awareness, undocumented immigration, risk in destination country, social construct and gender issue, lack of nutrition in ART taking Migrant family, lack of women empowerment for bargaining of condoms with their husbands, rights of children affected/infected from HIV/AIDS, access to treatment, reintegration and stigma and several others. Unfortunately this paradigm of migrant risk is yet to be effectively addressed despite of India going migrants holding a huge portion of HIV infected and STI risk prone population.

From its establishment, Migrant Network has been an only common avenue of India going migrants from Nepal to discuss and advocate for the SRHR and HIV related issues and problems.

From awareness to the availability of ART treatment in India, financial literacy till the policy reformation advocacy & livelihood. NMNHAS has been an only avenue for Nepali migrants. Considering the vulnerability of migrants in host, transition and destination countries, NMNHAS also incorporates gender issues as a crosscutting issue, Media and gender as a campaign tool and collaborates with likeminded organization and government stakeholders.

Major Activities

National Level Migration Workshop on 2014 organized by Labor Ministry.

Migrant workshop on Ghatgau Kailali on 2016

Migrant workshop on safer migration on 2017 Kapilvastu

Representation on CCM

Representation on NANGAN (National NGO’s network group against AIDS)

NMNHAS is the only recognized labor migrant network for SRHR in Nepal.

Focusing more on the meaningful engagement and participation of migrant community in 90% testing and diagnosis of people living with HIV/AIDS, 90% ART availability for those diagnosed and achieve viral suspension for 90% of those treated. Leaded by Ms Tuka Regmi , HIV infected women and a spouse of an India going migrant. This network has numerous self-help groups and community enterprises being operated in Arghakhanchi and Gulmi. Coordinated by Mr Balkrishna Gairey (Migrant and people living with disability), Migrant network has a nationwide coverage with CBO’s which are persistently combating the effects and impacts of SRHR related vulnerabilities of India going migrants. In the year of 2017, NMNHAS duly felt the need of institutional practices and preservation of its movements and under the consent of its member CBO’s, it recognized its secretariat at Sakriya Sath (National NGO) and since then network has been operating aligned to Sakriya Sath and its institutional policy compliances.

Secretariat Organization  

Sakriya Sath

A secretariat organization of the only India going migrants and their aspirations to combat against HIV/AIDS and SRHR vulnerabilities. Registered under Association Registration Act 2034 with the Office of District Administration (DAO), Kathmandu and affiliated to the Office of Social Welfare Council (SWC), Sakriya Sath is a non-profit non-governmental social organization.

Since establishment, it is engaged in various social activities and accumulating the socially useful information materials and then involved in the publication and distribution of the updated information materials. In accordance with that, with hope to control HIV infections and to mitigate the impact of AIDS through the medium of skills and knowledge based on skills useful for life, to improve the sexual and reproductive health of the adolescents, and to maintain cordial and interactive relationship between the parents/guardians and children, Sakriya Sath has developed two workbooks that are suitable and applicable in the Nepali society specializing for migrant families- ‘Parenting: A Journey of Love’ (Knowledge and Skills for Parents and Guardians) and ‘My Life – Starting Now’ (Knowledge and Skills for Young Adolescents). Developed by integrating the social values and beliefs, these workbooks consist of religious texts, great religious thoughts, and religious interpretations of the major four prevailing religions of Nepal. With the expressive and interactive participations of the related religious leaders, the workbooks has been edited and published aiming towards the parents/guardians and children of the Nepali community.

With the rising demand from the sides of different organizations and communities involved in social transformation, based on the workbooks, trainings are conducted at different parts and communities and schools of Nepal. The trainings have been helpful, at the community level, in women’s participation and their empowerment, family conflict resolution, and specifying the positive and life-useful directions. Similarly, Sakriya Sath is striving for the positive and comprehensive growth and development of the children with the help of radio cartoon series and stories, which is developed and conceptualized by Sakriya Sath team and which might be the first of its kind. The organisation’s programme and activities are focused on defending and securing the children, who are the pillars of the future, and adolescents from drug abuse and preparing them as a good citizen. Apart from these, Sakriya Sath have been promoting and broadcasting the various developed and updated radio information in the interest of the public all over the region.

Sakriya Sath recently is also involved in increasing HIV & SRHR related knowledge and skills to earthquake affected youth of remote areas in Dhading district. Dhading is one of the most earthquake affected district with a majority of population residing in upper north area, due to inconvenience of transport facilities and a straight uphill walking for several days fewer organizations are seen interested in lifting those needy communities. Joining hands with UMN, Sakriya Sath has been a trusty companion for community people, schools, churches (Parents and students) at those places. Sakriya Sath also designs radio programs and PSA’s for UMN (Disaster Risk Response Program) in these districts.

By all its programs, interventions, networking and advocacy, Sakriya Sath is a comprehensive platform for behavioral change communication in Nepal dedicated for the multidimensional impact of migrant related SRH vulnerabilities.

With all its program and activities in community, Sakriya Sath delivers love and communicates with love to aspire in creating a positive behavioral transformation in Nepal. Led by a women Ms Sunita Timalsina (Project Director), following are the projects executed by Sakriya Sath