Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Incorporating the concerns of the concerned public regarding menstruation and untouchability; sex and sexuality; education as common rights; adolescent-friendly home and family; sexual and reproductive health; drug and alcohol addiction, Sakriya Sath has been developing and assisting in the development of such issues-related information in the interest of the public and communities in different languages – Nepali, Tamang, Tharu, Maithili, Jumla and Doti regional languages among others – and disseminating the information to the public via different community radio frequencies. These information materials are preferred sources and popular amongst the listeners.

PSAs are being broadcast every day via seven Radio FM stations all over Nepal in six major local languages. Since Nepal is a multi-language country, in some places people speak only their mother tongue rather than Nepali. In order to reach those listeners as well, Sakriya Sath developed the PSAs in their six local language and broadcast the contents in their communities. Local people have been historically engaged and excited to listen to National PSAs in their daily life languages. SRHR and parenting care-related messages and contents are simply grabbed by local people through these PSAs, and this has been an effective behavior change communication tool.

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  1. Drugs and Alcohol 1:15
  2. Family Planning 1:15
  3. Menstruation and Untouchability 1:16
  4. School- A Communal Ground for All 1:15
  5. Teenager-Friendly Household 1:17
  6. A Communal Ground for All-Maithali Language 1:12
  7. Drugs and Alcohol-Maithali Language 1:22
  8. PSA Family Planning 2 MAITHILI 1:09
  9. PSA Maithali - Family Planning 1:12
  10. PSA Maithali - Menstruation and Untouchability 1:20
  11. PSA Menstruation 1 MAITHILI 1:22
  12. Teenager-Friendly Household-Maithali Language 1:32
  13. Family Planning-Tamang Language 0:57
  14. Menstruation and Untouchability-Tamang Language 1:07
  15. Teenager-Friendly Household-Tamang Language 1:12
  16. PSA Drug Alchohal 1:23
  17. PSA Tharu - Drugs and Alcohol 1:22
  18. PSA Tharu - School- A Communal Ground for All 1:12
  19. PSA Tharu - Teenager-Friendly Household 1:32
  20. PSA Jumleli - Drugs and Alcohol 1:15
  21. PSA Jumleli - Family Planning 1:19
  22. PSA Jumleli - Menstruation and Untouchability 1:21
  23. PSA Jumleli - School- A Communal Ground for All 1:39
  24. PSA Jumleli - Teenager-Friendly Household 1:45
  25. Drugs and Alcohol 1:12
  26. Family Planning 1:09
  27. Menstruation and Untouchability 1:16
  28. School- A Communal Ground for All 1:10
  29. Teenager-Friendly Household 1:18