Training Programs – For Youth adolescents/ Students

Similarly in this series of creating a healthy family and social environment, Students are also equally focused and approached by Sakriya Sath.
My Life-Starting Now : this training manual aims to help young people by offering them an enjoyable way to learn about improving their self esteem, building good relationships, making smart decisions, living a healthy lifestyle, providing care and support to others, and resisting negative peer pressures. Additional emphasis is given to life skills and gender equality. One session is about the manual exposure to the feeling LOVE in various forms and places special emphasis on sexual and reproductive health and rights.
Several schools, youth clubs, churches, temples, monasteries and masjids have received this training and responded with a very positive feedback.
This training is purely behavior oriented and practical with its role play and sharing sessions.
Sakriya Sath has organized such training sessions at Dhading district. With the coordination of district health office and UMN DDRP Dhading, Sakriya Sath has reached out to thousands of parents and students at Dhading.
For more information or organizing training of this type, Please contact Sakriya Sath.