Training Programs – For Parents / Guardian

Family bond and effective communication between family members is the core of a happy life. Increasing modernization, difference of living context, understandings and perception differences are creating a huge loss in family values, social trend and national parameters.
Sakriya Sath has designed workbooks so it can be used to run training workshops for biological parents, guardians and other people playing parental role with children and adolescents- including orphans who are themselves household heads.
An interfaith workshop was then organized with religious leaders from the main faith communities in Nepal: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Muslim. Scholars from these three religious faiths then selected appropriate quotes from their scriptures, which are then incorporated in original draft.
Parenting: A Journey of Love, Training manual for parents/ guardians incorporates five parental roles which are based on an approach developed by World Health Organization.
Several schools, local clubs, churches, monasteries, temples and masjid management committee have received this training on their demand.
This training is purely behavior oriented and practical with its role play and sharing sessions.
For more information or organizing training of this type, Please contact Sakriya Sath.